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Are The Fields Open?


Are the Fields Open?

Mother Nature forces us to close the fields periodically to protect the grass - 
Check below to see if the fields are Open or Closed. 

*Click the +GoogleCalendar in the lower left corner of the calendar above to add it your personal account

Cancelling a Practice, Adding/Rescheduling a Practice

Looking for open field space to practice? Cancelling a practice?

Practice Cancellation/Reschedule Form

Please complete this form if:

You are canceling a practice more than 24 hours ahead
-After you complete the form, we will update the Practice Field Calendar to allow others to reserve that space.

If you are looking to add/reschedule a practice
-Check the calendar for an open time/field that works for you
-Complete the form
-We will update the calendar so others know that field has been reserved.

This calendar is meant to be a tool and it will only work if this information is accurate.
Your cooperation is appreciated. 

*We do not need to know if you are cancelling a few hours before due to bad weather, etc - other teams are probably doing the same thing and are not looking to add on short notice. 

General Practice Schedule

This link shows the practice fields, team assignments and contact information for head coaches. 
Please utilize this if you would like to coordinate a scrimmage with another team.

General Practice Schedule Fall 2022
As you can imagine, scheduling is a challenge and we do our best to accommodate work schedules, multi-coach schedules, coaches with players on other teams, etc. 
We greatly appreciate coaches being flexible and understanding of these challenges.

**We have asked and encouraged teams to select 5-6 or 6-7 as practice times to allow more team space to practice.  
Next season, the shuffle may be different - for example we ended the 21-22 Season with 14 U6 teams, 11 U7 teams and 8 U8 teams (Total 33).  These teams all utilize the same 8 fields.  
This fall, we begin with 5 U6-4k teams, 5 U6-5k teams, 8 U7 teams and 10 U8 teams (Total 28).

*Teams that have no one in the time slot before them or after them *can* choose to shift their practice times.
*If you do this, please know that we may ask you to shift back in spring or next fall when new schedules are created so it may be best to leave it as-is.
We need to know if any changes are made in order to make this be a useful tool.