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Are The Fields Open? When Are We Practicing?


Are the Fields Open?

Mother Nature forces us to close the fields periodically to protect the grass - 
Check below to see if the fields are Open or Closed. 

*Click the +GoogleCalendar in the lower left corner of the calendar above to add it your personal account

General Practice Schedule

To view the General Practice Schedule for the current season, you will need to
-Log in to the site in the upper right corner
-Click Coach Central
-Click Info for Coaches & Team Managers Only

This link shows the practice fields, team assignments and contact information for head coaches. 
Please utilize this if you would like to coordinate a scrimmage with another team.
As you can imagine, scheduling is a challenge and we do our best to accommodate work schedules, multi-coach schedules, coaches with players on other teams, etc. 
We greatly appreciate coaches being flexible and understanding of these challenges.

Any requests for changes after the schedule has been finalized for the season need to be submitted via the form below 
by sending an email to [email protected]

Cancelling a Practice, Adding/Rescheduling a Practice

Looking for open field space to practice? Cancelling a practice?

Practice Cancellation/Reschedule Form

Please complete this form if:

You are canceling a practice more than 24 hours ahead
-After you complete the form, we will update the Practice Field Calendar to allow others to reserve that space.

If you are looking to add/reschedule a practice
-Check the calendar for an open time/field that works for you
-Complete the form
-We will update the calendar so others know that field has been reserved.

This calendar is meant to be a tool and it will only work if this information is accurate.
Your cooperation is appreciated. 

*We do not need to know if you are cancelling a few hours before due to bad weather, etc - other teams are probably doing the same thing and are not looking to add on short notice. 

Practices (from the KMSL Handbook 03/2022)

Practices will be held weekly, with the location determined by the individual clubs or coaches. 

When Do Practices Begin:
Teams are allowed to begin practices no sooner than March 15th for the spring season and August 15th for the fall season. 

Pre-Season Practice: 
Four hours of practice per week is permitted during the weeks preceding the first scheduled game. 

Number of Practices:
Each team is required to hold one practice session per week and is not permitted, under any circumstances, to hold more than three hours of practice per week during the season. 

What Counts As Practice: 
A practice game or scrimmage is considered a practice session. 

How is Our Practice Day and Time Determined:
Practice schedules are determined by the coaches.  The number and length of practices will vary from team to team based on a number of factors such as: the availability of the coaching staff, the age level, and preseason vs. regular season.

Players can work on many individual skills between team practices.   

Please see that your child understands their responsibility as a team member and attends the practices as well as games, and notifies the team coach in advance when they cannot be in attendance. 

A player who consistently attends and effectively participates in practice will play at least half of the game. 


Fall Practices: 
Our goal is to have fields and times settled before the Fall Meeting. 
We will use the previous season's schedule as our starting point. 
We ask that you complete the form indicating if you would like to keep the same day, time, field. 

Form Coming Soon...

Spring Practices
For the most part, the schedule established for the Fall Season will roll as-is for the Spring Season.  
Adjustments may need to be made to accommodate Spring-Only teams
Adjustments may need to be made to accommodate coach schedules

Form Coming Soon...


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