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What To Wear and Equipment Needed


For first time SSC players, a jersey will be provided. 
Your coach will distribute new and replacement jerseys at one of your first practices. 

If you need a replacement, they are available during the registration process each year. 
If you need a new jersey at a different time of the year, please email [email protected]
Replacements are $20 (effective 08/2022)

Jerseys must be the outer layer.
For games, jerseys need to be tucked in.  

Layers can be worn under the jersey. Keep in mind that these should be easy to remove with minimal assistance - once the running begins, players get hot!
Jackets with zippers and hoods/hats with strings should not be worn unless the strings, hoods and zippers can be tucked away.

Black Shorts

Over 50 degrees, black shorts are required - no pants of any kind.
At game time, if the temperature is less than 50 degrees, team shorts may be worn over any color athletic pants -or- athletic pants the same color as the team shorts (black) can be worn over the shorts. 

Soccer Shin Guards
Shin guards are to be age and size appropriate.
Other pads of any kind are not allowed except for the goalie, who can wear sweat pants, kneepads and approved headgear at any time.

Black Soccer Socks

Soccer Cleats (Recommended, not required)
While a sturdy sneaker is permitted, soccer cleats are recommended.  Fields can be slick and cleats provide more grip during practices and games. 
NO baseball or football shoes or shoes with a large single toe cleat are allowed.

Bag/Cinch Sack (Recommended, not required)
Many players find it helpful to have a soccer bag where they can keep a sweatshirt, thin beanie-style hat and gloves/mittens for those cooler fall and spring days. 

If temperatures are below 50 degrees at game time, players may wear additional clothing (including knit caps and gloves).   Team shorts may be worn over any color athletic pants or athletic pants the same color as the team shorts can be worn over the shorts. 

Earrings are not allowed during games.  They cannot be covered, they must be removed. Beads, barrettes or hard headbands are not allowed.  Non-prescription sunglasses are also not allowed.   

Anti-concussive headbands are allowed.    A soccer ball is as important to a soccer player as a baseball glove is to a baseball player.  While a soccer ball is not required for your child to participate, it is strongly recommended that each player should have their own soccer ball, clearly marked with their name. 

No Accessories: No earrings, no jewelry, no watches, no metal clips, no bobby pins.  

Don't forget your water bottle for practice and games!

Any further questions please feel free to ask



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